From Stunning Website into a Lead Generating Machine

BT-BizDETOXDesigning a Dealerships website is not as simple as having a nice-looking site that’s enjoyable to visit. Yes, an attractive site is important, careful consideration and time must be given to functionality and speed as to the appearance to turn this stunning website into a lead generating machine.

Web designers typically focus on appearance than speed and functionality. An attractive site is helpful, but visitors that become frustrated by its inability to function, will leave the site almost immediately, with zero interest in returning.

Automotive buying websites should focus on some key areas of functionality in order to ensure visitors see the New and Used Inventory pages:

Website Speed

Navigation, load time, page size, and well laid out pages, will have visitors searching the inventory pages. Slowly loading pages, inventories, and difficult navigation will only frustrate visitors. Visitors will not wait for a page to load, never should they have to scroll back and forth in order to read a page, (desktop or mobile) nor should they have to search too many times for the information they’re after.

Content Topics

Content, the words on the site that is keyword rich and well-written will aid in placement within the Search Engines, and guide visits the inventory page. A poorly written page or pages will drive visitors back to the search engines. The lack of keyword phrases within the body of the text, negatively affects rankings. The writing, images and smooth navigation from page to page is the first impression a visitor will have of your dealership and lot, so make it professional and clean.

Page Titles

Keyword rich page titles (title tags) will give the search engines and visitors a crystal clear understanding of what information your website provides. This, of course, increases the overall traffic, which means more sales opportunities. As visitors search for the vehicles they want to shop for, the titles of the pages will serve as a benchmark for landing on the correct page.

Efficient Database

The databases for new and used car inventory should be easy and quick to load on demand. Nothing is more frustrating than spending a lot of time, trying to figure out exactly how to search the inventory of a website. Having the search functions of your inventory easily accessible and initiative to navigate will produce move visits from any stage in the buying process. A quick and easy database will provide more leads, more appointment, phone calls and ultimately, more sales.

Customer Information Security

Add an image with a security feature that ensures visitors that personal information is safe and secure. This will reassure them that their personal information will not be shared nor sold after giving it to you. This is a concern for most online visitors, so any assurance provided will benefit your lead generation efforts online.

A Thank You Page

It’s amazing how a visitor’s mode changes when a simple thank you page is provided once they submit the lead form. This portrays an image of your dealership as being courteous and appreciative of the time and that you will respect their decision while shopping at your dealership. The act of submitting a form is the first step in the buying process and sets the stage for doing business in person.

A Car Dealerships Website is significantly different than most website on the internet. Most local business pages or personal pages are simple with no requirement for day to day management. Auto dealers are coming to realize the living breathing online sales rep a website can be and the competitive advantage they have in car sales, when properly manage with the right system turning their stunning website into a lead generating machine.

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